Travel in Style: 9 Art-Déco... | Apr 10 2019

Travel in Style: 9 Art-Déco Hotels that are Perfect for a Weekend Getaway
Winter season has receded and summer season is yet to come and this is the time for spring season, when the sun is mild, the breeze is soothing, beaches calmer and hills are greener. An ideal weath...
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A Guide of Top Events and E... | Mar 08 2019

A Guide of Top Events and Exhibitions Marking 100th Anniversary of Bauhaus Art School
‘Experimental, Multifarious, Transnational and radically Contemporary” the way Bauhaus Association put the Bauhaus centenary programme, which marks the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the revolut...
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Attention Fashion Junkies | Dec 12 2018

Attention Fashion Junkies
Fashion History Accounts you should follow on Instagram We have all been there, browsing through Instagram and all of a sudden thinking: „Where has all the time gone? I really need to stop procras...
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There’s Egypt in Your Dream... | Oct 29 2018

There’s Egypt in Your Dreamy Eyes
There’s Egypt in Your Dreamy Eyes It is not unusual that guests at a Vintage Event will take on a different persona than the one they have in real life. While strolling through a room one might en...
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Sundays are not only for br... | Oct 04 2018

Sundays are not only for brunch
Sundays are not only for brunch Join us this Sunday at the Old Fleas Market at the Ballhaus in Berlin. In various different stalls you can go treasure hunting for antiques from the 1900s up to the...
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Speakeasy. The Twenties Clu... | Aug 23 2018

Speakeasy. The Twenties Club Event
A little party never killed nobody We are super excited to be part of the upcoming event „Speakeasy. The Twenties Club“, which will take place at the Hilton hotel on September the 8th. Where we w...
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