How to steam your slip dress
20 Dec

How to steam your slip dress



Easy solution for your creased slip dress


Your event is just a few hours away and you are getting yourself ready. Since we know how long hair and make up will take, we made a little blog entry about how to get the creases out of your slip dress. So you only have to worry about if you are going for the ruby or the russian red lipstick color.The easiest solution is to steam your slip dress. If you do not have a steamer yet, we highly recommend the steamers from our friends from  Fridja. Not only are they super simple to use but they are cute as well. Check out the picture of their handheld steamer below.


GIGI / Pink handheld clothes steamer

Here is a simple guide on how to steam your dress:

- Put water in the tank (use distilled water for best results) 
- Heat up the steamer, drink a glass of Champagne while you wait 
- Hang your dress on a hanger or use the hanging pole attached to your steamer 
- Lean the steamer head forward only touching with the top curve, leave a small gap 
  between the steamer and your dress 
- Make sure the material is taut, otherwise you will just steam more creases in
- Stroke the clothing up and down to remove the creases 

If you are still unsure,  Fridja also has a video tutorial on their website 
Please note: Do not use the steamer while you are actually wearing your dress. This goes especially for people, who are also thinking about microwaving their dog – just don’t.

Extra Tipp: If you dress is smelly after a night out simply hang it up, spray it with cheap vodka and after a few minutes steam it. Et voilà most of the smell will be gone. You have now been granted a stylists best life-hack, so you are pretty much a stylist now yourself.


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