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TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU Find your inner governess with this strict and yet coquettish dress. This simple yet elegant sheer calf-length dress gives the wearer a feeling of lightness...
260,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU A dainty summer all-rounder which fits in every suitcase. This sheer knee-length white dress has a rounded neckline and scalloped bias cut hem. The hem...
280,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU You have an invitation to Poiret's "The Thousand and Second Night" party and you do not know what to wear? Elsa Laura is your girl....
460,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU Leave your necklace in your jewelry draw, because with this beauty you do not need one. This solid black ankle-length dress has a round neckline and...
520,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU Dress like the fanciest animal in the kingdom. This cream-colored calf-length dress is very special as it features many rows of golden beaded fringe. Atop...
580,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU You love your lipstick so much, you would love to wear it? Hop into Käthe and you are good to go. This beautiful solid red...
470,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU A simple cut can seduce just as well. This sleeveless v-neckline dress is skillfully embellished with floral motifs. It features a drop-waist that is characteristic...
490,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU A gown for Champagne lovers. It sparkles with its beaded decoration that features abstract and semi-abstract patterns made from silver, blue, green and mocha glass...
550,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU We love the soft pastel coloring of this knee-length day dress, which emphasizes the delicate femininity of the silhouette. The round neckline and the torso...
290,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU Since you are probably not going to marry into royalty, nothing should hold you back to look like the princess you are are. This loose...
610,00 €


TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU Make an entrance with this divine black evening dress. It is a calf-length chic standout piece. The straight cut bodice is richly embellished with paisley,...
540,00 €

Sweater Jeanne

TILDA'S NOTES FOR YOU This black TILDA KNOPF print sweater brings 'the fancy' in your everyday wardrobe.  Composition: 100% Fairtrade Cotton Color: Black Size & Fit: Regular Fit Details: Longsleeves...
69,00 €
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